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Monthly Archives: December 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

2010 was a pretty good year. We took a family road trip to Texas to see a niece and nephew that had moved there from Colorado. Got to see Cadillac Ranch and the Big Texan on the way there and spent a morning at the National Scouting Museum I finished my PhD in Mechanical Engineering, … Continue reading »

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Got Handbook?

Scouting stuff collects. Over the years I have collected scout stuff. Not really intentionally, but it just sort of happened. When I was a scout, there were things that I wanted to remember, or that were important enough to keep together in a box. Then I got a box of things from my Dad’s scouting … Continue reading »

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Dads or Scoutmasters

This was in the Calvin and Hobbes RSS feed yesterday. I think it applies equally well to Dads and Scoutmasters.

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Scouting Party Book Review

Robert Baden-Powell. Ernest Thompson Seton. Daniel Carter Beard. James E. West. William D. Boyce. These names are all over the history of the Boy Scout movement in the United States. Councils and awards are named after these men. They are the beginning of the Boy Scouts of America. The history of Scouting has many stories, … Continue reading »

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Knot a Bad Way to Learn

Nothing says “Boy Scout” quite like knowing your knots. And it is no wonder either; starting early in Cub Scouts there are requirements or electives related to knot tying and they continue well into Boy Scouts. Knots and lashings are one of the things that are learned in scouting but are useful later in life, … Continue reading »

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What did you do after school yesterday?

Friday during my drive home after yet another den outing I was thinking about the wide variety of activities that Cub Scouts provides boys and their families. Then over the weekend I read Jeff’s post on Rocks, Hockey, Theater and Art describing the (rather busy) activities of his son’s pack during the previous weekend. I … Continue reading »

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Flag at Half Staff

Today is December 7th, the 69th anniversary of the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. This was declared to be “a date that will live in infamy” by President Roosevelt in an address to Congress the next day. During the attack more that 2,400 lives were lost and the American people were shocked by this … Continue reading »

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Den Chief Recruiting

A Den Chief is a Boy Scout that works with a specific Cub Scout den providing assistance to the Den Leader. This assistance may be in activities, games, or even serving as a role model for the younger scouts. I’ve been thinking about how a Cubmaster goes about recruiting Den Chiefs. We don’t currently have … Continue reading »

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The Virtual Roundtable

The internet changes communications. This is true for most industries, and for an organization like scouting it changes things a lot. People that never meet in real life can now exchange ideas, help with challenges, or just help rekindle the scouting spirit when it starts to sputter. There are a lot of online resources for … Continue reading »

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