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Posted by on Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A friend of mine shared this TED talk, and I thought it calls out the baggage we add to the term “leadership” and how a change in our perspective calls us all to be leaders.


We have elevated leadership to a world-changing ideal. We celebrate only the truly phenomenal actions as leadership and soon it becomes an unobtainable goal that someone else will have to do. If most adults are not comfortable with being called a leader, imagine the weight that word has for Scouts when we ask them to be one.

The everyday leadership needs to be celebrated, as Drew Dudley points out. We all have “lollipop moments” where people do things or say things that have a profound impact on our lives. Recognize these, but more important is the recognition and celebration of the everyday leadership.

Leadership is not the domain of big acts. Leadership is the cumulative sum of the small acts every day.