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About Arlen


These are the personal web pages of Arlen Ward, if you couldn’t tell from the domain name. More than anything else, these pages are meant as a collection of information that is of interest to me. Posts, RSS feeds, Links, and pictures that important either from a professional or personal standpoint.

Recently a lot of what interests me is Scouting. I was a Cub Scout and a Boy Scout growing up and I enjoyed it immensely. I recently got back into it when my own son got old enough to become a Cub Scout. I spent the first year as his Tiger Den Leader and had a blast! The next year I took over the Cubmaster job for the Pack when the previous Cubmaster was getting ready to cross over to Boy Scouts with his son. After three years as Cubmaster I left that position to start a brand new Boy Scout Troop. So now I have a group of 25-35 fifth to twelfth grade young men to mentor and make sure they are having a great time. And I’m still having a blast!

Turns out there isn’t a lot of things related to my work, but there is a fair amount of science and engineering related humor and just cool stuff I come across. There are family pages and photo galleries that have access restricted, so if you are family, drop me a line using me at arlenward dot com and I’ll get you access.

Career-wise I am a mechanical engineer working in research and development for a medical device company. I have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and I am a licensed professional engineer in the state of Colorado. So you can see where the geeky side of things come from.

Personal-wise I have two kids from a marriage that ended in 2015. The kids spend their time being a resource drain and doing or saying cute things that I get to post on Twitter.
Thank you for stopping by my corner of the internet.

If you just can’t get enough of me and my ramblings, I can be found on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. If you search for me most of what comes up is me, or some dead character on the TV show Dallas.

Be sure to read the Disclaimer (a.k.a. “Important Legal Things”)