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Sailing, Swimming, and Challenges

My son wants to go to sailing camp this summer with his cousins in California, and approached my wife and I about it around Christmas time. When we talked about it we made a deal: I would sign him up for the camp when he passed the BSA swim test. For the last couple months … Continue reading »

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Eagle Scout: Merit Beyond the Badge

Today, the BSA National Council is drawing attention to a study conducted by Baylor University. Funded by the Templeton Foundation, this was an independent study of the differences between adults that were Eagle Scouts, had been Boy Scouts, and those that were never Scouts. You can read the entire report here. After reading through the … Continue reading »

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Days 37, 38, and 39: …to keep myself physically fit…

There is a phrase used in scouting circles to describe the physique of Scouters called the “Scoutmaster’s build”. Not really a compliment. I myself have not exactly been on the fitness train for a while now. But no longer. I decided on day 37 that I had waited long enough, and found myself a new … Continue reading »

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Caffeine vs. Calories

Interesting plot of caffeine vs. calories showed up in my RSS feed. A large mocha frappucino is the same calories as a big mac? Wow. Give me my Americano any day. How can you tell if you are a real caffeine addict? If all your drinks are found in the lower right corner. Source

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Hi, remember me?

Well, I have been remiss in updating the blog recently, though I have lots of good reasons. Actually they all boil down to one: I have been too busy to post. What have I been up to? Here is the summary in five lines: Working like mad to finish my last semester of classes (only … Continue reading »

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Fundraising Bleg Part II

OK, you bunch of slackers. I sent out the e-mail. I posted it on my blog. Told you all about the great causes that it will benefit. You know, things like the Prostate Cancer Foundation and the Wounded Warrior Project. That’s right, the group that helps those that volunteered to defend you and got severely … Continue reading »

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P = W / t

Power is Work divided by Time. I found a great site via the links at It is an work/power calculator for workouts! Since I skipped out of town for the weekend, my last workout was from Friday. So here’s the stats from Friday, and my less-than-stellar Fran time of 10:44: Work Performed 66187.48 joules … Continue reading »

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Fight Gone Bad for Two Good Causes

Alright people, it looks as if I am now signed up to do a CrossFit workout for charity. The causes are Athletes for a Cure (to support protate cancer research) and the Wounded Warrior Project (to support and aid our service men and women who are severly injured in service to our country). The workout … Continue reading »

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CrossFit update at week 6

It has been about six weeks since I joined Emergent Fitness, so I figured it was time for an update. I think six weeks is about the longest I have really stuck with an exercise program. Today we did the CrossFit Total, a “benchmark” of sorts for strength. You can find a video of it … Continue reading »

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Joining a Crossfit Gym

For those of you on the lookout for signs of the apocalypse, I have one for you that may or may not be mentioned in Revelations. I joined a gym today. Well, it was bound to happen after my annual physical last week. Really it was a combination of factors, including the doctor visit, general … Continue reading »

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