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Random Thought

Dads or Scoutmasters

This was in the Calvin and Hobbes RSS feed yesterday. I think it applies equally well to Dads and Scoutmasters.

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Engineering Problems vs. Marketing Problems

Spinal Tap Engineering. Today’s XKCD made me laugh out loud. Some problems are marketing and sales problems, not engineering problems. Units of measure are sooooo unnecessary.

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Uranium Ore on Amazon

Uranium ore for sale on Amazon. Stock up for the winter! Now I just need that processing plant. The funniest part of this is the comments. You really should go read them. Great Product, Poor Packaging I purchased this product 4.47 Billion Years ago and when I opened it today, it was half empty. Great … Continue reading »

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Caffeine vs. Calories

Interesting plot of caffeine vs. calories showed up in my RSS feed. A large mocha frappucino is the same calories as a big mac? Wow. Give me my Americano any day. How can you tell if you are a real caffeine addict? If all your drinks are found in the lower right corner. Source

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Row, Row, Row your boat

Over at Swans on Tea there was this gem today The comments on the YouTube video got me thinking: So if the density of Mercury is 13.5 g/cm3 and we assume Jesus weighed something around 80 kg, then he would be able to walk across a pool of Mercury with less than 6000 cm3 displacement. … Continue reading »

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One Trillion Dollars!

Sometimes it is hard to get your mind around a number. The numbers that have been thrown around in the bailout and stimulus bills are those kinds of numbers. As Richard Feynman said: There are 1011 stars in the galaxy. That used to be a huge number. But it’s only a hundred billion. It’s less … Continue reading »

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I love my phone, I’ll admit it

I know this blog has become a never ending stream of videos and comics lately, but this is too good to share. Maybe it rings true to me these days because I just recently added myself to the ranks of the iPhone users. I love my phone. I hear that admitting you have a problem … Continue reading »

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Hugh Laurie is a mystery…

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And now, the parts of the brain…

An anatomy lesson provided by The Brain, of Pinky and the Brain fame. That ought to keep the little squirts happy. Thanks, Pinky

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Entropy in Action

Below is a video where a 9 month old describes entropy to a general audience. This lecture is compressed from 4 hours to 2 minutes. From Swans on Tea

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