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Got Handbook?

Scouting stuff collects. Over the years I have collected scout stuff. Not really intentionally, but it just sort of happened. When I was a scout, there were things that I wanted to remember, or that were important enough to keep together in a box. Then I got a box of things from my Dad’s scouting … Continue reading »

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Scouting Party Book Review

Robert Baden-Powell. Ernest Thompson Seton. Daniel Carter Beard. James E. West. William D. Boyce. These names are all over the history of the Boy Scout movement in the United States. Councils and awards are named after these men. They are the beginning of the Boy Scouts of America. The history of Scouting has many stories, … Continue reading »

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One Trillion Dollars!

Sometimes it is hard to get your mind around a number. The numbers that have been thrown around in the bailout and stimulus bills are those kinds of numbers. As Richard Feynman said: There are 1011 stars in the galaxy. That used to be a huge number. But it’s only a hundred billion. It’s less … Continue reading »

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The Last Lecture

I see that a book based on the Last Lecture of Randy Pausch was released a while ago. While it something that I would not mind reading some day, I really only mention it so that I can link to the YouTube video of the lecture Pausch gave for the Last Lecture “Achieving Your Childhood … Continue reading »

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Google Reader and a Minor Addition to the Site

I just have to mention how much I like Google Reader. It works very well for collecting all the things I have been reading on a daily basis into one spot. The bad thing is that it keeps track of the number of items “read” in a day, to the tune of 300 plus every … Continue reading »

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Where’s the chapter on saying stupid things and getting fired?

A couple weeks ago, while in Barnes and Noble, I picked up a book that I thought would be interesting reading.  The book is by James Watson, who was awarded part of the 1962 Nobel Prize for determining the double helix structure of DNA. In fact, I had just read his book about this discovery, … Continue reading »

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