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Eagle Scout: Merit Beyond the Badge

Today, the BSA National Council is drawing attention to a study conducted by Baylor University. Funded by the Templeton Foundation, this was an independent study of the differences between adults that were Eagle Scouts, had been Boy Scouts, and those that were never Scouts. You can read the entire report here. After reading through the … Continue reading »

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Nothing New Under The Sun

I remember seeing a South Park episode where Butters was trying to take over the world, but every idea was shot down as something that had already been tried on the Simpsons. A filmmaker named Kirby Ferguson has put together an excellent set of four videos on the role of using other peoples creativity (or … Continue reading »

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Scouting Party Book Review

Robert Baden-Powell. Ernest Thompson Seton. Daniel Carter Beard. James E. West. William D. Boyce. These names are all over the history of the Boy Scout movement in the United States. Councils and awards are named after these men. They are the beginning of the Boy Scouts of America. The history of Scouting has many stories, … Continue reading »

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Engineering Problems vs. Marketing Problems

Spinal Tap Engineering. Today’s XKCD made me laugh out loud. Some problems are marketing and sales problems, not engineering problems. Units of measure are sooooo unnecessary.

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Turkey Brining and Osmotic Pressure

For the Thanksgiving feast this year I was responsible for the turkey, so I had the opportunity to brine a turkey again. I was thinking about the whole process this year, and was wondering if osmotic pressure had much of a role in getting the additional water into the turkey meat. Osmotic pressure develops when … Continue reading »

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Guess the number of M&M’s in the jar

A little bit of applied mathematics for your next “number of M&M’s in the jar” contest. From Make

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What? You’re telling me TV isn’t Real?

Things that bother me about some of my favorite TV shows all wrapped up in a four frames from PhD Comics

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Street-Fighting Mathematics

The first rule of street-fighting mathematics is… Math is always portrayed as exacting and calculating, but there is a great need for those that deal with numbers on a regular basis to also have a sense for approximate answers. Throughout engineering school it is often referred to as “back of the envelope” calculation. Quick and … Continue reading »

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The Last Lecture

I see that a book based on the Last Lecture of Randy Pausch was released a while ago. While it something that I would not mind reading some day, I really only mention it so that I can link to the YouTube video of the lecture Pausch gave for the Last Lecture “Achieving Your Childhood … Continue reading »

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A tour of carbon fiber

Zoom into a Carbon FiberUploaded by Weird_Weird_Science There are more videos from Weird Weird Science here, including tours of steel, brass, aluminum, concrete, and hair.

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