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Fair Warning: Sharp Curves Ahead

Since school wrapped up there hasn’t been a lot of activity on this blog. I do apologize, but really it has been due to a shift in how I spend my time. While I was working on my PhD all my “spare” time was spent working on research and writing. I was up to my … Continue reading »

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Google Reader and a Minor Addition to the Site

I just have to mention how much I like Google Reader. It works very well for collecting all the things I have been reading on a daily basis into one spot. The bad thing is that it keeps track of the number of items “read” in a day, to the tune of 300 plus every … Continue reading »

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More Pictures Up in the Gallery…

I have added some pictures to the gallery from recent outings. I took some pictures at the church after the decorations went up for the Advent season. The rest of those pictures can be found here, under the South Broadway album. We also took a trip to the Glass Studio for C & H Glassworks … Continue reading »

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Site Update

A little more of my corner of the internet is furnished. I have added all the quasi-legal disclaimers to a page called, believe it or not, disclaimer. You can visit it in all its glory, and take note that it will change in the future, without notice here in the weblog. We now return you … Continue reading »

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Inagural Post for

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet! Hopefully over the next weeks and months I will be able to add content, links, and news that will be of interest to family, friends, collaborators, visitors, or random internet stalkers. Thanks for stopping by!

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