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Where did Scouting get the Neckerchief?

If Sir Robert Baden-Powell was a British war hero, how did Scouting end up with the campaign hat and neckerchief as symbols, two items very much from the American West? Good question, I say. Actually, it is a question that never crossed my mind until the beginning of a presentation at our council’s Wood Badge … Continue reading »

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Philmont Leadership Challenge

“Why are you here and what do you expect to get out of this course?” That’s a pretty different way to kick off a BSA training course. Truth is, I signed up for the Philmont Leadership Challenge after learning these five things: It was at Philmont It builds upon the training you receive during Wood … Continue reading »

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First aid for when help is going to take some time

Most first aid training is based on a “rapid response” assumption. That is to say that you are less than 30 minutes from an Emergency Medical Service response. Scouts are often doing things in areas where that response is much, much further away. So what to do? Take an EMS team with you? Charter an … Continue reading »

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…and on to 2012!

Last year at this time I ended a blog post with this: I wish each of you health and happiness for you and your families as we start off in 2011, and when we look back on it a year from now I hope we will all see it as time well spent. Time well … Continue reading »

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Building a Better Pack Meeting

As promised in the last post (long ago), I wanted to mention some of the things covered in the The Strictly for Cubmasters class during Week 7 at Philmont Training Center. I know it has been a while, but for some reason I never hit the “publish” button on this one. Hopefully there are some … Continue reading »

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A Training Vacation

One of my Wood Badge ticket items is to attend a training course for Cubmasters that goes beyond what is covered in the Position-specific training. The second part of that ticket item is to bring back something I learned and implement it in my pack. It was part of the same quest that brought me … Continue reading »

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Day 48: Wood Badge Day Three

I’m not sure how exhausted I’ll be tonight to fill you in on what happend during my first weekend at Wood Badge, so I’ve scheduled this as my 100 Days of Scouting update for today. I’m still at Wood Badge, making friends and learning things. But rest assured, I’ll be posting something soon. Or you … Continue reading »

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Day 47: Wood Badge Day Two

Another full day of scouting stuff that I’ll tell you all about when I get back. I’ll be camping out in my tent, hopefully I’ll get to see more stars than we’ve got around town. See y’all tomorrow!

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Day 46: Wood Badge Day One

Today bright and early at 7 AM was the start to my Wood Badge course, W5-61-11-1. I am sure I am having lots of fun and learning a lot. I’ll tell you all about it when I get back. I think that qualifies as doing something scouting related today. Might be hard pressed to find … Continue reading »

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Day 45: Wood Badge Expectations

I’ve been meaning to write about my expectations for Wood Badge before I have the experience. Since I leave bright and early tomorrow morning for day one, I guess that writing will have to be today. Through work I have had classes in situational leadership, project management, the seven habits class, and other related topics. … Continue reading »

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