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Looking around, making a plan, and dusting off the ol’ domain

A lot of life has happened in the last couple years, and this domain has suffered because of it. Well, now I’m about back to a point I can spend some time on it! Changes are coming to the layout, design, and content so stay tuned! –Arlen

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What did you do after school yesterday?

Friday during my drive home after yet another den outing I was thinking about the wide variety of activities that Cub Scouts provides boys and their families. Then over the weekend I read Jeff’s post on Rocks, Hockey, Theater and Art describing the (rather busy) activities of his son’s pack during the previous weekend. I … Continue reading »

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A Confession

Hi, my name is Arlen and I have a confession. My pack is a baggie pack. *sob* That’s right. We hand out awards with a ziploc and a handshake. Well, not all the awards. The rank advancement is done with ceremony and fun. I’m sure there’s room for improvement there too, but the greatest need … Continue reading »

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Back from the Abyss

DSC04197 Originally uploaded by Globe Trot I know things have been rather quiet around here, but I have a good excuse. Over the last few months, I have been writing my dissertation, preparing and providing the defense, making changes, and going to graduation! Above is the picture from last weekend, with a wife that is … Continue reading »

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I do not think it means what you think it means…

One of those off-shoots of that bill of rights we have is protests. People that feel strongly about a postion can help draw attention to thier cause with signs and marches. These are examples of attention that I don’t think they intended. Example One (or why you should proofread your sign before leaving home): Example … Continue reading »

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