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Where did Scouting get the Neckerchief?

If Sir Robert Baden-Powell was a British war hero, how did Scouting end up with the campaign hat and neckerchief as symbols, two items very much from the American West? Good question, I say. Actually, it is a question that never crossed my mind until the beginning of a presentation at our council’s Wood Badge … Continue reading »

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Sir Robert Baden-Powell’s Birthday

Sir Robert Baden-Powell was born on February 22, 1857 making today his 154th birthday. After returning from Africa as a hero in the Bohr War he noticed his military manual “Aids to Scouting” was being used by boys all round the country. In 1907 he organized the first camp at Brownsea Island where he tested … Continue reading »

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Scouting Party Book Review

Robert Baden-Powell. Ernest Thompson Seton. Daniel Carter Beard. James E. West. William D. Boyce. These names are all over the history of the Boy Scout movement in the United States. Councils and awards are named after these men. They are the beginning of the Boy Scouts of America. The history of Scouting has many stories, … Continue reading »

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