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The difference between success and achievement

A few months ago I was invited to be the guest speaker at the Academic Awards Banquet for my hometown’s school district. I had twenty minutes to talk to the top 10% of the graduating seniors for all four of the district’s high schools. So what do you say to a group of students about … Continue reading »

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Math… and Scouting?

Scouting is outdoor adventure like camping, backpacking, climbing and canoeing, right? Does that leave the technology-heavy learning to a realm outside of Scouting? Not exactly. This video from has been making the rounds of the internet, and it got me thinking about how we teach kids about programming. Take a look… Teamwork is essential? … Continue reading »

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Nothing New Under The Sun

I remember seeing a South Park episode where Butters was trying to take over the world, but every idea was shot down as something that had already been tried on the Simpsons. A filmmaker named Kirby Ferguson has put together an excellent set of four videos on the role of using other peoples creativity (or … Continue reading »

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What did you do after school yesterday?

Friday during my drive home after yet another den outing I was thinking about the wide variety of activities that Cub Scouts provides boys and their families. Then over the weekend I read Jeff’s post on Rocks, Hockey, Theater and Art describing the (rather busy) activities of his son’s pack during the previous weekend. I … Continue reading »

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Engineering Problems vs. Marketing Problems

Spinal Tap Engineering. Today’s XKCD made me laugh out loud. Some problems are marketing and sales problems, not engineering problems. Units of measure are sooooo unnecessary.

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Street-Fighting Mathematics

The first rule of street-fighting mathematics is… Math is always portrayed as exacting and calculating, but there is a great need for those that deal with numbers on a regular basis to also have a sense for approximate answers. Throughout engineering school it is often referred to as “back of the envelope” calculation. Quick and … Continue reading »

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A Professional Engineer in Colorado

Oh what a public service announcement gone wrong… This afternoon I got a surprise in the mail. Actually it wasn’t a surprise, I knew it was coming. I just figured it would be a few more weeks before I saw it. So the most shocking part of this might be that a governmental agency worked … Continue reading »

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