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Five Ways to Help Webelos Transition to Boy Scouts

Our Blue and Gold Banquet is next week, and that has me thinking about the Webelos to Scout transition. There is quite a bit of difference between the Cub Scout program and the Boy Scout program (or at least there should be) and often Scouts struggle with the the change as they leave Cub Scouting … Continue reading »

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Election Fun for Cub Scouts

This month’s Pack Night was a chance to have some fun and maybe learn something along the way. With all the media attention on the Presidential election, we decided to have an election of our own! But rather than electing the leader of the free world, we were going to decide something much more important: … Continue reading »

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Arrow of Light, Crossover, and out the door!

Last week was our pack’s Blue and Gold Banquet, a wonderful evening of food and ceremony where we awarded the Arrow of Light to fifteen scouts. After awarding the AOL, just has been done for years in our pack, we crossed the boys over into Boy Scouts where they were received by three different troops … Continue reading »

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Building a Better Pack Meeting

As promised in the last post (long ago), I wanted to mention some of the things covered in the The Strictly for Cubmasters class during Week 7 at Philmont Training Center. I know it has been a while, but for some reason I never hit the “publish” button on this one. Hopefully there are some … Continue reading »

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A Training Vacation

One of my Wood Badge ticket items is to attend a training course for Cubmasters that goes beyond what is covered in the Position-specific training. The second part of that ticket item is to bring back something I learned and implement it in my pack. It was part of the same quest that brought me … Continue reading »

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…and now we resume our regularly scheduled program

On Independence Day I met up with a friend and Roundtable co-conspirator at the district’s recruiting booth. He reminded me that this blog is overdue for an update and I left him hanging with the end of the 100 Days of Scouting. So here you go Mike! To wrap up 100 days of scouting: Days … Continue reading »

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Days 69-71: Cub Scouts Outside

Campfires are always a great hit with Cub Scouts. What’s not to love? You combine the outdoors with singing songs, performing skits and being loud and having a good time. Also, don’t underestimate the power of the fire. It doesn’t take much to take a 7 year old back to his caveman roots. For April … Continue reading »

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Days 63-67: Skits and Recovery

So after the second weekend of Wood Badge, I was in need of recovery. Time spent with the family, some time processing the experience, and a little bit more sleep. We spent a den meeting working on the skit the boys in my son’s Wolf den were going to perform at the next week’s pack … Continue reading »

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Day 49-62: Gilwell

Thirteen days is a big spread to cover all at once, but the last two weeks has had one unifying theme: my Wood Badge course, W5-61-11-1. I have started, deleted, and re-started a blog post about my Wood Badge experience three times now. When asked about whether Wood Badge is worth the time and expense … Continue reading »

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Days 40 and 41: Storing Pack Stuff

I often wonder how other Cub Scout Packs handle all the stuff that collects. Where do you store your pinewood derby track? What about your catapult? Or even your “Wheel of Fortune“? The Cubmaster’s garage seems to be a common response. I feel fortunate that our pack has a storage unit just down the road … Continue reading »

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