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Starting a new troop: the delusional beginning

You may not know it yet but last Monday night was historic. In the community room of our local REI a group of interested Scouts, former-Scouts, never-been-Scouts, and their parents met up with some of the adults that decided to start a new troop in our area. We talked for a little while about the … Continue reading »

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Day 32: The Virtual Cubmaster

How did people run packs before e-mail? For that matter, how did they do it before text messages, cell phones, the internet, and social media? Case in point: a few days ago I got an e-mail (on my phone) from one of our Den Leaders. It said “I think the Tiger Picnic is scheduled for … Continue reading »

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Day 23: A Message from HQ

Today on the way home from work I listened to the BSA’s official Cub Scout Podcast, Cubcast. I always have high hopes for these shows. Just imagine what you could produce with the expertise and resources of the National Council! But alas, it always seems to fall short. Each month the show focuses on the … Continue reading »

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Day 18: Podcasts and Good Turns

Today I had to do quite a bit of driving for work. Which was unfortunate, since the weather wasn’t the greatest. Taking lab equipment north from Boulder to Fort Collins found me in increasingly worse driving weather. One thing about driving on snow-packed and icy Interstates, it sure gives one a lot of opportunities to … Continue reading »

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Day 17: How’s the Weather?

Today was definitely the slowest day for scouting stuff so far in the 100 days. Based on some of the other posts today, it doesn’t look like I’m the only one. So how’s the weather? Today I: Listened to the latest Scoutmaster podcast by Clarke Green on the way to work. Made a mental note … Continue reading »

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The Virtual Roundtable

The internet changes communications. This is true for most industries, and for an organization like scouting it changes things a lot. People that never meet in real life can now exchange ideas, help with challenges, or just help rekindle the scouting spirit when it starts to sputter. There are a lot of online resources for … Continue reading »

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